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Corfu is known to be one of the most popular and exquisite islands in Greece. Rich in natural beauty and a strong culture and history that spans centuries, Corfu is blessed with a gentle, captivating appeal that draws visitors back to the island year after year. Its diverse and impressive coastline offers everything from marvelous […]
Paxos is a small, unspoiled island just a short distance with the ferry from Corfu Island. The island is about twelve kilometers long which enables a practiced walker to explore virtually the whole island without using bike, taxi, or bus. It has a small population which is about 2,300 permanent residents living in Gaios, Loggos, Lakka, and a scattering of tiny hamlets.
Everything you need to know before you visit Parga is a holiday destination which offers an unbeatable mix of scenery, beaches and historical sights. Parga is located in Greece’s North Western Preveza region, sandwiched between mountains and a sweeping bay, it is one of those seaside destinations you see on postcards. Colorful boats bob in […]
With the passage of time the island may have changed, but we can still feel the spirit of a distant glorious past . Its rich multi-cultural heritage, its historic monuments, its stunning natural landscape, its crystal clear seas, and its excellent weather all year round explain why Corfu is one of the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean […]